суббота, 30 августа 2014 г.

Art in simple things. Mobile photography.

Many people think, that mobile photography isn't serious, and I've decided to change this opinion.
Nowadays mobile photography becoming more and more popular for photographers and creative people. It's like a little art gallery which you take everywhere with you! Now we all have smartphones with good cameras in it and we can take the great quality photos. The most popular wide to express yourself is Instagram.

Some simple advises for your insta gallery:

  • SQUARE. Upload only 1:1 photos in your instagram. It looks harmoniously. Do not use InstaSize.
  • SMART SELFIES. Do not upload every photo with your face. This is not interesting. If you want to take a selfie - do it creative! Look on your background, use some interesting things.
  • BEAUTY AROUND YOU. Do not take simple shoots like "I'm drinking coffee", "I'm eating burger" "My legs", but if you decided to take that shoots - take it unordinary! Do something interesting with it! Shoot in unknown places or take the different angle in well-known place.
  • EDITION. Download some apps for photography, choose some filters, change the colors, exposure, contrast and other settings. Rotate your photo to confuse the imagination of it.
Some great photo apps:
  • VSCOcam
  • Fragment app
  • Mextures
I also want to write about some interesting instagram projects. The firs one is "Instagram Weekly Hashtag Project". Every friday on oficcial instagram account they're posting one photo and give you a theme, for example #WHPIcecream and you must to take photos with ice cream nd use all your creativity and use this hashtag. The best photos will be published in oficcial insta account and you can get more followers.
The second one is "Shoutout for shoutout" or simply "SFS". Someone upload photo with text SFS on it and you must to: 1) follow this person; 2) choose any of his/her photos; 3) upload it to your account and write "follow this person @name_of_account"; 4) then write comment DONE under his/her post SFS and wait for the results. Then that person must read the DONE comments, check every account and choose the best for him/her. Then if that person choose you he/she screenshoot your photo, upload it and suggert to follow you. It is an interesting way to find new accounts to follow and gain followers. 

Here some my suggestions about who to follow:


My instagram photos @annetwhaleey

четверг, 28 августа 2014 г.

The beginning or I just want to say hello.

Hello, blogger.
My name is Anna, I'm 17 years old photography lover from Kiev, Ukraine. I created this blog to express myself as a photographer and blogger. Here I want to share my own experience in photography, share some interesting things of photography from world wide and lern how to write posts correctly and interestingly in English.
As you understand, I am a huge photo lover! I've started to make photos 4 years ago with my little SONY camera. Now I have Canon EOS 550D camera. I finished the photo courses and I'am really glad to meet teachers from there!
Today I was in my grandma's house and she gave me two old cameras "Kiev". It was amazing discovery for me, because I want these cameras for so long! So now I'm starting to read about it and learn how to shoot because it is really hard.
I also do the mobile photography and you can check my works in my instagram account.
I hope my blog will be interesting for me and everyone, who want to read it.